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About Me

*(This is my business website, if you are interested in Spiritual Growth for Purpose-Driven Believers go to

My goal is to help busy, motivated entrepreneurs and difference makers grow enough to excel in their work and mission.  Through proven, cutting edge, research-based principles you can signficantly improve your positivity, productivity, and profitability in just a few minutes a day.

To be your best, to do great work, to excel in what you do requires growth and positive change. Growth and development are essential.  And the absolutely awesome news is that all kinds of research is shedding light on how we can grow, change, and develop through simple, doable practices.

I have been a student, practitioner, and coach of personal development and purpose fulfillment for over three decades.  In various roles as a pastor, trainer, author, and coach I have worked with thousands of people in group settings and hundreds one-on-one.

I have personally tried all of kinds of growth practices that have been recommended by experts and have discovered to a great degree what works and what doesn’t.

One of my biggest discoveries is that though there are universal principles based on how the brain works, those universal principles are most effective when applied in a way that is uniquely suited to each person’s learning and action styles.  The best practices work best when personalized.

Decades of solid-research, done by experts who have dedicated their lives to understanding specifics of growth, development, and positive change have provided many clear and doable practices proven to work.

My busomess mission is to see more and more solopreneurs and business leaders, make the positive changes they desire so they can live great lives and impact the world through their unique gifts and purposes.

It would be an honor for me to support so you can do your great work better!


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