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Believing You Matter

Believing You Matter

It is so easy to slip into the routine of life. You don’t even have to try. If you don’t think much about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, the course of this world will just carry you along. It does not require any focus to slip into a “I’m not a very important player anyway, so what I do doesn’t matter that much. After all, when I leave a job or step out of a ministry, the wheels keep on turning.”

God Plans for Your Life

But as Jesus followers we are graced with an entirely different world and personal view. The Bible says consistently that before God created the earth, He had already made well thought out, love-driven, significant plans for your life. (Ephesians 1:4, 2:10) God did not have to create you. No one forced Him to place you at this time in history, in that location, with the gifts and basic personality He put inside you.

God is mind-boggling smart. And this Creator decided you were important enough to create. The wisest Person ever says you matter and what He designed you to do matters.

God Wants to Fill You with Himself

It has to be said over and over again that God loves you whether you decide to be a doer or not. He created you first of all to love you and fill you with His amazing life; not to be His little worker bee. But because He created you in His image and God is a purpose-driven doer; He has invited you to join Him in filling the world with His life and glory. It is the highest work calling imaginable!

You Really are Here for a Reason: Believe It

So let me encourage you today; you really are here for a reason. The fact that you are still breathing means God still has important plans for you. But the battle we all face in the day to day grind and repetitive nature of life, is to keep that purpose flame burning strong. Most of life is not like an action movie where every scene is fast-paced with explosions all around. But if you remind yourself that the attitudes you display today and the work you do can glorify God and help people, you live with a sense of purpose. And purpose is a powerful motivator and catalyst.

I often confess and pray Scriptures and Scripture-based statements during my devotional time because of it’s many benefits. One of which is it helps me get my mind right for the day. Here is one I said today. “Father, I thank you that you have created me and keep me here on purpose. Based on your words, I believe what I am called to do matters. There are people who need what I have to give. I am gifted by you to serve those people and spread your kingdom life. Strengthen me, give me wisdom, and courage to step into all you’ve called me to be and do.”

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