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Coaching has proven to be one of the most powerful methods of growth and transformation for people committed to improving their skills, thinking, emotions, and actions.

Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Dell, Rick Warren, John Maxwell, and many other well-known leaders receive personal coaching.  Andy Stanley wrote, “You may be good.  You may even be better than everyone else.  But you will never be as good as you could be without coaching.”

Coaching Produces Results

Coaching has a great track record in helping growth-oriented people turn desires and goals into reality.  We all know how hard it is, sometimes, to follow through even when we are sincere in our change desires.  Training the brain to respond differently, though accomplished through simple practices, still requires consistent, doable practices.

And all of us get stuck at some point and because we are in the midst of our own battle, have trouble seeing the way through.  This is one of the reasons personal and group coaching is so effective.  A good coach helps us discover hidden blockages, see another path, and build solid faith that we really can do it.

Three Different Options

Because we are all at different places in our growth and development journey, I offer three different coaching options.

One-on-One Coaching.

Coaching Program Membership

Topical Coaching Courses

Experience It Yourself

If you would like to experience coaching first-hand sign up for your free Positive Productivity Breakthrough Coaching Session.

In this 30 minute session you will:

  • Clarify what your best growth goal should be right now
  • Discover hidden blockages to your growth and development
  • Have a clear plan for what to do next

*I know many FREE sessions turn out to be nothing but high-pressured sales conversations.  I hate that approach.  I want you to experience the power of coaching and if you want to talk about working together, then we’ll do so.  If not, I am giving something positive and I believe giving eventually leads to receiving.

Sign up here for your FREE coaching session.



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