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Dream Doers – Turn Your Dreams To Reality

Dream Doers – Turn Your Dreams to Reality

Would you like to know how to turn your God-given dreams into reality?  Are you tired of just dreaming and are now ready to start doing?

How would you feel if you could take that vision God has put in your heart and see it happen right in front of you?  What kind of a difference would it make in your life, your family, and the world if that purpose-driven dream actually happened?

And what if you could keep repeating the process of dreams to reality over and over again? If that could actually happen you would be living in a much higher dimension wouldn’t you?

Your faith, joy, and confidence levels would be soaring.  You would be impacting the world in a powerful way both for this life and the next.  You would be living the life God had planned for you before He lovingly, wisely created you.


Over and over again the Bible teaches that God has laid our significant plans for us, even before He created the world. (Ephesians 1:4, Ephesians 2:10, 2 Timothy 1:9)  God Almighty, the Creator of a zillion stars thought you were important enough to create you and place you at this time in history.  He designed you to be His answer for part of the world.  Your mission matters, your purpose is significant, and God wants you to succeed in it!

Please let that sink in.  God planned for your success in accomplishing the dreams and visions He gives you.  And yes, God has already put inside you dreams from His Holy Spirit that will touch the world and be fulfilling and energizing for you. (Acts 2:17)

What am I doing Wrong?

There are many sincere, wonderful, dedicated Jesus followers who really do believe God has purposes and plans for their lives.  But many have either become tired because the dream just is not happening, despite real efforts.  Or, they feel frustrated because they do not know what to do to turn that dream into reality.

Please be encouraged.  Everyone and I mean everyone goes through seasons of preparation and apparent lack of success.  It is part of the process of learning to walk with God and do His work His way.  And there are just a few simple processes God uses to do His work with us and through us.  When you learn what these processes are and gradually begin to practice them, with God’s help, you will see your dream fulfillment percentages soar.

No one bats a thousand in this life.  Not every idea you have will become a reality.  But as you learn to cooperate with God in these processes you will see a big, big change in dreams becoming reality.

Like every purpose-driven person I’ve seen my share of failures.  As I said, everyone who is serious about doing God’s will, has these events.  But through several decades of pursuing God and His purposes, I’ve learned some really valuable insights that have helped me and many others accomplish much more than I ever thought possible.

I’m an introvert with a very average personality.  I talk slow, was a B student, and have a face that has to work to show positive emotions.  Yep, I’ve got one of those faces that naturally looks sour (part of the fall I guess).  And I am in no way a big name in the world, but as a very ordinary guy I have seen God work through me to:

Triple the size of a college ministry in 6 months, plant churches in Europe, develop hundreds of leaders, write 11 books and counting, become much more joyful and faith-filled, become a voice of encouragement and faith, and I continue to grow stronger year after year.

You Too Can Learn to Become a Dream Doer

I would love to teach you the most important lessons I’ve learned in taking a dream inspired by God and how to work with Him to make it happen.  Like all of God’s key principles, the basic ideas are simple enough that anyone can learn them.

In the Dream Doer Course you will learn:

  • Why God Loves to Work with Ordinary People
  • The Huge Advantages Jesus Followers Have in Dream Doing
  • The Five Key Processes for improving your dreaming and doable steps for taking that dream from your heart to the world.
  • How to Run Your Race (not someone else’s)
  • How God has Planned for Your Success

How it Works

11 Audio Recordings so you can listen while you drive, workout, walk, work around the house, etc.

Cost is only $17.

Work through it at your own pace.

If you are tired of just dreaming and are ready to start doing, click here now and in minutes you can get started.

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