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Experience God In Prayer

Experience God in Prayer

What would it be like if you could actually experience God when you pray and not just fulfill a religious obligation? After becoming a Christ-follower in college some wonderful leaders said to grow in my faith and know God better I should read the Bible, pray, and get involved in Christian community.  All of which are correct and essential to healthy faith.  However, it would have been even more helpful if they would have shown me how to use the Bible and prayer so I could experience the source of all life: God.

God is Life so Why isn’t Prayer?

The Bible describes God as light without the slightest trace of evil or darkness. He is brilliant, filled with joy, absolutely loves people, and able to do anything good.  But so often my prayer times were boring and pure discipline because I was not experiencing much if any of that joy, love, or power when I sat down to be alone with Him.

Through years of study, practice, and reading the works of those who have had life-giving times in prayer I have discovered some simple but powerful steps that now make my time with God the highlight of my day. Like everything on earth, some days are more exciting than others, but over 90% of the time, I leave my prayer time having encountered Jesus in a significant way.

Hope for Prayer Strugglers

Unlike some, I am not a “natural prayer” and I continue to learn as I go. But in sharing these ideas with others and them putting them into practice; I know they can work for anyone with an open mind and heart.

Connecting with God is God’s #1 purpose for our lives.  If we connect with Him then we have life that never ends, the impossible can become possible, we find direction and purpose, and we have access to the resources of heaven.  And central to connecting with Him is learning how to pray.

Jesus said we can all learn to pray.  That means, yes, you too can learn to experience the God of life in prayer.  Even when you are working hard, raising children, helping others, and commuting 30 minutes to work.

Do you want to experience more of the life of God?

Do you want your prayer time to become God encounters rather than just your Christian duty?

Would you like to learn some simple steps you can begin to implement in minutes?

Experience God in Prayer is for you!  You can get it here:

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