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How to Set Up Your Personal Development Schedule

You know you want to make some positive changes in your life.  If you are like 90% of the population, you have also failed enough times that you’re wondering if you ever really can make that change.

Negative thoughts still take up way too much space in your mind.  You have trouble deciding what the next step is and when you do decide you keep wondering if it was the right one.  You still lose your temper too often, shrink back when you know you should step up, or you still can’t lose weight.

Thankfully the steps to make positive changes are not complicated, but as you’ve seen, they are not easy…especially when you’re not doing them in a way that actually works.

So, here is step #1 for EVERYONE

It is super, super simple, but because lasting changes take small but CONSISTENT steps, you absolutely must


Put on your calendar the times each day you are going to work on your growth goal.  If you do that you increase your chances of success by around 80%.  If you don’t, you have less than a 20% chance of succeeding.

You Know Why This is So Important

Often, we know why we should do something, but getting reminders helps us move forward.  Life gets so busy and changing something that has been a part of you for a long time doesn’t happen without conscious decisions….at least for a while.  When you do the right practices for the right amount of time, they eventually do become your new natural responses.

As important as deciding what you want to work on is when you’re going to do it.

When you look at your calendar and carve out 15-30 minutes per day, you’ve taken a major step in changing your life.

1, 3, 5

Short and sweet here is the best schedule I’ve seen for maximum results on a crowded schedule.

  1. One time a week take 30-60 minutes and plan your week.  Use time blocks for your most important work.  Do your most important work during your high-concentration times each day whenever possible.  Put on your calendar what you’re going to work on this week.  Write it down, make it doable, and commit to it.

3. Whichever growth practices you decide on set them up with an am time, lunchtime, and then pm time.  Am time spend 5-10 minutes, lunchtime 2-5 minutes, and pm 5-10 minutes.  Do your practices 3x per day in short time blocks and you can see phenomenal positive changes take place in your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

5. Do your practices 5 days per week.  Take one day for planning, take one day completely off.

In around 2 months of doing this, you will be really pleased with how far you’ve come and the changes you have made.

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