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Nothing can be a substitute for your relationship with God. Sometimes God just does His work in our lives without using anything or anyone else. That certainly happens… but not all the time.


If you are a busy, working person who wants to experience God more, grow personally and spiritually, and accomplish your God-given purposes there is a good chance you will like what I write and teach.


Jesus made it clear that He came to change things. He said the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy but He came so that all of us could have abundant life; life to the full, life that overflows.


About Me

My name is Mark Furlong.  I specialize in helping entrepreneurial leaders (business, solopreneurs, ministry) make positive, productive personal changes in just a few minutes a day.

You know your own personal development is THE major factor in your work and life. I know you are busy doing your important work and don’t have a lot of extra time.  So, using proven, research-based principles and practices I can help you get more positive, more creative, and more productive in 15-30 minutes a day., taking these universal principles and helping you apply them in a personalized way (ways that work according to your unique make-up.)

If you’d like to explore working with me set up a FREE call here:

I PROMISE this is not a high-pressured, sign-up right now sales call. I hate those tactics. I only want to work with people who I believe I can really help and who want to work with me.

I also PROMISE, even if you decide not to work with me, you will go away with some concrete steps you can take right away to experience positive changes in your thinking and actions.


Why Mark Furlong Coaching?

Increase Positivity

Happier & More Productive.

Increase Creativity

Learn to see Fresh Solutions

Increase Leadership

Influence Others for Good

Increase Productivity

Achieve More in Less Time


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You Can Change

The 4 Essentials of Personal Development and Growth

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Every New Signup Gets 2 Free Books!
  1. On-Target: How to Know God's Purpose for Your Life
  2. Prayer for Busy People

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